Range Rules

The EPSA Board of Directors has adopted new range rules that are specific for each firing range. While some items are similar, others address the unique characteristics of each range. Please study the 4x8 signage prior to entering.


  • Printing the Date, Member's Name, Caliber of Firearm, Time-In and Time-Out is now required for all shooters (including guests) as soon as you enter the range.
  • The guest should print clearly " Guest of [member's name] - [name of the guest] ".
  • The Guest Policy is posted at the Clubhouse Porch, the 15 & 25 yard range sign boards.
  • Members must have their current EPSA ** ID Card ** visible when on Club property.
  • No Rapid Fire, Double Taps, or Tactical Drills permitted.
  • All ranges are open from Monday through Saturday - 8AM until the Time of Sunset.
  • All ranges are open on Sunday - 12Noon until the Time of Sunset.
  • Pressure, CO2, or Spring-Powered Pellet/BB guns are allowed on the Pistol Range.
  • Dual ammo guns such as the Taurus Judge are allowed on the Pistol Range.
  • AK or AR Pistols chambered in pistol calibers are allowed on the Pistol Range. Those chambered in rifle calibers should use the Rifle Range.
  • Shotguns may be patterned on the LEFT lane of the 25 yard range. Only shot ammo allowed.
  • Use of shotguns on other 25 yard lanes is limited to rifled slugs.
  • Shooting from behind the 25/50 yard firing line is prohibited.
  • If no one is shooting from the 25 yard range firing line, shooting in front of the line is permitted with handgun barrels of 4" or more.
  • ALL RANGES: If someone is in front of the firing line for any reason, all other shooters must bench their firearms with the ACTION OPEN and MAGAZINE OUT.

All members are encouraged to become familiar with the range rules in order to ensure safe range operations.

Remember, if you have a guest on the property (especially at a range), YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR!! Choose your guests wisely!!

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