2024 EPSA Board of Directors

Club Officers

President - Diana Bordner [email protected]
1st Vice President - Frank Ribaudo
2nd Vice President - Lloyd Davis
Treasurer - John Thompson [email protected]
Membership Secretary - Tom Garbini [email protected]
Recording Secretary - Steve Stayrook

Members At Large

Tim Bordner
Craig Schnelli
Nick Luzzi

EPSA Committees

Activities - Diana Bordner [email protected]
Archery - Greg Harper [email protected]
Education - Frank Ribaudo [email protected]
Ranges and Range Improvements - Craig Schnelli [email protected]
Grounds & Maintenance - Matt Davis [email protected] & Nick Luzzi [email protected]
Range Safety Officer - David Gates [email protected]

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Black Rifle Care & Maintenance Seminar


Frank Ribaudo
[email protected]


EPSA Clubhouse
EPSA Clubhouse
2897 Graystone Road, East Petersburg, PA 17520


May 11 2024


8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Black Rifle Care & Maintenance Seminar

East Petersburg Sportsman’s Association

Education Committee

AR Se tion

The Education Committee is announcing a Black Rifle Care and Maintenance seminar on Saturday, May 11, 2024, from 8:00–12:00AM at the Clubhouse. This program is presented by Michael Payne, a retired US Army Special Forces operator and instructor. The seminar provides basic operator awareness in the care and maintenance of a 5.56mm or .223 caliber black rifle (AR-15 style semi-automatic, but not necessarily black, rifle). Attendees should bring a rifle, one (1) empty magazine, and owner’s manual. You may also bring basic tools (e.g., a takedown pin punch) and cleaning materials, if desired. 

*** No live ammunition is allowed in the classroom during this time. ***

The emphasis of this class is on basic care and maintenance of the rifle. Topics for the Seminar are: 

  • Safety and Mindset
  • Orientation to Basic Rifle Components 
  • Operator-Level Disassembly
  • Inspection, Cleaning, and Maintenance
  • Operator-Level Assembly and Functions Check.

Other areas of discussion include:

  • Basic Principles of Operation
  • Selection/Use of Cleaning Materials, Solvents, and Lubricants
  • Importance of Maintenance and Records
  • Considerations for Repair/Replacement Parts
  • Catastrophic Failure Case Study

There is no fee, but a donation to the club is greatly appreciated. The class is open to all club members. Attendance is limited to the first 15 people registered. To register, please contact Frank Ribaudo at [email protected]

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