Hand Gun Range Rules

EPSA members who violate or permit guests to violate any Range Rule will be subject to suspension or expulsion from the association.

Hours Range is Open:
Monday – Saturday: 8:00am until the Time of Sunset for the day. Sunday: 12:00pm until the Time of Sunset for the day.
“Time of Sunset” is reported at the EPSA web site and local media.
Range use is only for members displaying a current membership card and occasional guests.

All shooters, including guests, must print Date, Name, Caliber, Time In and Time Out in the Sign-in Book provided.

Ear and eye protection must be worn by all persons on the range.

Any person under age 18 and included in a family membership must be directly supervised by an adult EPSA member.

Possession and/or being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances is/are prohibited

Except for air rifles, firing rifles and shotguns on this range is prohibited. Only aimed shooting is permitted, i.e., no “firing from the hip.”

All fired rounds must be stopped by the backstop and not leave the range. Fully automatic firearms are prohibited.

“Rapid fire,” more than one round per two seconds, is prohibited.

Only paper targets may be used and must be posted on the backstop fence directly in front of the shooter.

Placing portable targets anywhere in a shooting lane other than at the backstop is prohibited.

Shooting is permitted at any distance from the target up to 15 yards.

When there are multiple shooters, all must agree to where the firing line exists or take turns shooting from different distances.

Unless holstered, firearms may not be loaded until reaching the firing line.

Before anyone proceeds in front of the firing line, all firearms must either be cleared and placed on a bench or holstered.

Pick up all spent casings and dispose of all trash in the provided receptacles.

Be considerate of others at the range so all know when the range is “hot” or firearms are clear so that targets can be changed, etc.

Members who observe rule/safety violations should immediately bring them to the attention of the offender. Flagrant and/or dangerous violations of these rules should be reported to an EPSA officer or board member.